Wedding Cakes

  1. Managing Director
    Cupcake Bouquets
    These adorned every table - all 17, instead of flowers! The bride and groom cut into a small cake.
  2. Managing Director
    Vintage Inspiration
    Two tier cake covered in a simple buttercream design, accompanied by 100 cupcakes.
  3. Managing Director
    40th Anniversary Cake
    Three floating tier cake. All hand piped and adorned with red roses.
  4. Managing Director
    Beach Inspiration
    Four tier cake - 8", 10", 12", 16" - covered in fondant shells and accented with real shells at the top.
  5. Managing Director
    Four Tier Wedding Cake
    Adorned in buttercream and rhinestones
  6. Managing Director
    Title 8
  7. Managing Director
    Love is Sweet
    Vintage wedding at Rockfield Manor. This cake stand was handmade by the groom.
  8. Managing Director
    Two Tier Cake
    Perfect for the smaller wedding. Adorned with silk flowers, as the groom's parents were transporting the cake 2 hours and we wanted to make it as stress-free and transportable as possible.
  9. Managing Director
    Two tier cake in snickerdoodle for bride and groom. Covered in fondant and accented with ribbon.
  10. Managing Director
    Hughe's Wedding Cake Bar
    Wedding Cake flanked by 6 different flavor cakes all uniquely decorated with buttercream and labeled.
  11. Managing Director
    Beach by the bay
    Wedding Cake flanked by 6 different 8" cakes for a cake bar.
  12. Managing Director
    Sebo Wedding
    Two Tier cake flanked by almost 175 cupcakes!
  13. Managing Director
    Sebo Wedding Full Display
    Two tier cake with 175 cupcakes
  14. Managing Director
    Stasio Wedding
    Crossfit/Dog Themed Wedding - Two Tier Cake flanked by 150 cupcakes. Cookies by Sweet Dreams Bakery
  15. Managing Director
    Purple Passion
    Wedding Cake for small intimate wedding
  16. Managing Director
    Halloween Themed Wedding
    Bride asked for simple classic design incorporating orange and black.
  17. Managing Director
    Casino Wedding
    200 Cupcakes topped with a 6" cake Each cupcake had a hand modeled dice on it.