Our Cake Gallery
  1. Classic Desserts/Cupcakes
    Classic Desserts/Cupcakes
    Whether you need an extra dessert for your holiday table, a hostess gift, or just because you want dessert. We have a variety of items to suit your needs! We do pies, classic 8" cakes, cupcakes, or cake pops! We can even do dessert buffets!
  2. Cupcakes
    Unique toppers matched to your event can adorn the cupcakes you choose. Orders must be in dozen increments. Our cupcakes are larger than your standard size cupcakes, but not jumbo. Cupcakes are available in three sizes - small (mini), medium (slightly larger than standard), and jumbo (BIG cupcakes)
  3. Cupcake Bouquets
    Cupcake Bouquets
    Why send regular flowers when you can send cupcake bouquets?? Great for teachers, moms, pretty much anyone you love! Variety of sizes available.
  4. A Little Extra
    A Little Extra
    Cake pops, chocolate oreos, chocoalte krispy, pretzel rods. All of this can be done in a dessert buffet for your event.
  5. Birthday Cakes
    Birthday Cakes
    Offering custom birthday cakes for any age! 0-100+. All First Birthday cakes come with a free smash me cake.
  6. Holiday Cakes
    Holiday Cakes
    Name the holiday, and we have you covered - New Years, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's, Flag Day, or any holiday you come up with!